Technical solutions in foam and rubber

We develop, produce and install innovative solutions in technical rubber and foam that provide safety, comfort and profitable operation for various industries. We offer product development and testing, and find the most rational production method.

We are your innovative partner in the development of your product.
✓ ISO 9001:2015
✓ ISO 14001:2015
✓ ISO 45001:2018
✓ UN SDGS 3 + 7 + 9 + 12 + 17

Product development in collaboration with your company

We are always ready with technical assistance throughout the process - from idea development and design to prototype testing and finally series production. We focus both on function, desired quality and economy, but also on issues such as material selection, recycling/environment and legislative requirements.
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Coverage of the project
Advice on optimal design and choice of materials
Prototyping and testing
Production and delivery
Do you want us to develop your product?


  • We offer customised mounting, assembly and packaging solutions.
  • We guarantee proper handling of your subjects and save you time on internal handling.
  • We have a variety of tools at our disposal to handle different tasks.

Testing and validation

  • We offer preparation of product samples and prototypes.
  • We offer final testing of solutions and materials, including functional testing, acoustic testing, fire testing, etc.
  • We prepare test reports, manuals and technical documentation.


  • We identify the most efficient production method according to your expectations in terms of quality, delivery time and price.
  • We master many different manufacturing skills and technologies.
  • We focus on value-adding activities and aim to minimise waste.

Product development

  • In close cooperation with you, we create the right solution for your current application.
  • We create new solutions and optimize your existing business.
  • We work creatively and innovatively in the field of technology, with sustainability as the "green thread" in our choices.


  • We offer advice based on 50 years of experience and technical know-how in polymer solutions using the latest technologies and trends.
  • We start from your challenge and needs and advise on optimal design, material selection, quality and price.
  • We advise on the properties of the materials, composition and construction of your solution.

Industries we create solutions for

Wind turbine industry
Construction machinery
Electronics industry
Construction industry
Your sector/industry