About B6

B6 is a company from Northern Jutland in Denmark, founded by Kurt Stenbro in 1972. Kurt handed over the position of CEO to Brian Stenbro in 2006.
The company started in Aalborg, the capital of North Jutland, but over the years, newly built and more dedicated premises in Sæby began to beckon. B6 moved the factory and since then we have expanded the premises in several stages because the need to service several different industries grew steadily. B6 also has production activities in Denmark, Slovakia and Germany.

Vision, mission and values

At B6, our vision is to be our customers' preferred supplier and partner, focusing on innovative solutions and sustainability. We offer products that make a difference and create renewed comfort, providing customised products and solutions that honour our customers' expectations for service, quality, delivery and price.

With our mission we will contribute with innovative polymer/textile solutions that create safety, well-being, comfort and profitable operation. The mission is carried out by all employees focusing on our customers' needs through targeted knowledge sharing between colleagues and continuous development of the company's internal competences.
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Founded by Kurt Stenbro (The "yellow" sponge with soap, known from swimming pools)
Builds a new factory for B6 A/S
ISO certifications (ISO 9001)
B6 takes over the activities of Fortexa (Forenede Textiles - 1 March)
Acquisition of Tangerding, Schmiedefeld (subsidiary with own production in Germany)
Acquisition of Foam Team in Sweden
B6 moved from Aalborg to newly built premises in Sæby. Production was subsequently expanded in
1974 – 75 – 76
B6 Slovakia (Start-up of own production company in Slovakia)
Brian Stenbro takes over as CEO of B6's operations
Sustainability becomes part of B6's strategy (UN SDGs)
50th Anniversary

B6 is your innovative partner

We develop, produce and install technical solutions in foam and rubber for many different industries. Furthermore, we offer product development and testing, as well as putting together the most optimal production method. We are always in close dialogue with our customers to ensure that there is a consensus on the methodology. That's why we're always innovating, because our customers' needs are constantly changing and challenging our skills.

Quality and environment

Environmental and quality policy

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Vision & mission

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