B6 celebrates 50 years of foam

It all started with a foam sponge with soap. Fifty years ago, public swimming pools struggled with poor hygiene because bathers didn't shower properly before jumping in. Back then, only wood shavings and soap chips were available, which many chose to avoid as it was not good for the skin. With no real prerequisites other than an interest in new materials and their properties, young agricultural graduate Kurt Stenbro decided to find a solution. A sponge of foam rubber with soap was the answer. An answer which turned out to reduce bacteria levels and chlorine consumption in swimming pools across the country.

It was the start of 50 years of entrepreneurial history. And to this day, materials like foam, its properties and the desire to create solutions of value are still the driving force at B6.
"Honesty and neatness – these are key values for us. Our customers and employees must always be able to recognise what we say in what we do."
- Kurt Stenbro

B6 timeline

B6 is founded
Kurt Stenbro invents the yellow bath sponge and founds the company B6 in Aalborg in 1972.
Moving to Sæby
Due to space issues, B6 moves to newly built premises in Sæby in 1973. The company has 8–10 employees and produces disposable cloths, scrub and bath sponges. Today with an expanded product range known as B6 Clean-Care-Horeca.
B6 Acoustics is established
From producing products for the hygiene and cleaning industry, B6 expands by making foam solutions for industrial acoustics and sound engineering systems, such as loudspeakers. B6 Acoustics is established in 1984.
Internationalisation and furniture
B6 expands the business with office and production in Slovakia in 2001. First pillows and later furniture are produced here using recycled foam, feathers and textiles. What is known today as B6 Furniture.
ISO Certifications
In 2005, B6 obtains ISO certifications in the fields of quality (ISO 9001) and environment (ISO 14001).
Generational change
Brian Stenbro takes over as CEO from his father in 2006.
B6 Industry is established
New technologies bring new opportunities. B6 produces technical solutions in sealing, insulation and protection for the wind, HVAC, mechanical and marine industries, among others. B6 Acoustics has now become B6 Industry.
Expansion of the business
B6 expands the business with office and production in Germany in 2021.
Quality and environment
CSR and sustainability are becoming an increasingly important part of B6's strategy, with a primary focus on UN's Sustainable Development Goals 3, 7, 9, 12 and 17.
The future of B6

“We are not afraid. We are on our toes.”


This is what Brian Stenbro says about the B6's future. It's about staying relevant to customers and being aware of what we're good at. After every setback – after every failure, it's all about getting back to the core business and our core competencies. It's our technical skills, our people, and our ability to create solutions with care – tailored to our customers' needs – that will keep us growing. This is only the first 50 years.

"When we meet resistance, and when we make mistakes, it's all about getting back to what we're good at. But this does not mean that we should act in a risk-free manner. We must always dare to dare."
- Brian Stenbro

Our responsibility today versus in 1972

In 1972, there were 3.84 billion people in the world. Today, this number is more than doubled – 7.96 billion. This is a drain on resources, which is why we as companies also need to assume responsibility. Fortunately, a lot has happened on the green agenda, and at B6 we're continually working to do more. In recent years, we have embraced the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, with Goals 3, 7, 9, 12 and 17 implemented in our strategy.

In addition to minimising waste in production and focusing on recycling materials, we only use foams without CFCs and raw materials that comply with the REACH directive, all of which are manufactured without the use of ozone-depleting substances.
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Goal 3:
Good health and well-being
Goal 7:
Sustainable energy
Goal 9:
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Goal 12:
Responsible consumption and production
Goal 17:
Partnerships for the goals
"We've been recycling foam for 40 years. But back then, we didn't market ourselves on recycling and sustainability – we just called it common sense."
- Brian Stenbro
The entrepreneurial spirit and interest in the properties of materials is still the driving force for B6 today. We are constantly developing new solutions and improving existing ones.
At B6 we are a team. We make each other good, and that is the approach we have towards our customers. They are our partners.
We do our best to create long-term value for ourselves and for our customers. That's why we strive to run a healthy and profitable business.
We do what we do best and focus on our core competencies. We honour our promises, consider possible solutions and act decisively.