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Cellular and sponge rubber

Both cellular and sponge rubber is a foamed rubber material that comes in several types and densities, and either with or without adhesive. These types of rubber have many applications, but are particularly suitable for sealing, insulating and shock-absorbing jobs.

We offer sponge rubber in EPDM, NR and, Silicone quality in densities up to 450 kg/m³. Cellular rubber is available in EPDM, CR, NBR and NR/SBR grades. Cellular rubber is extremely soft and flexible. Both cellular and sponge rubber are available in FDA approved and fire retardant grades, e.g., UL-94 or FMVSS approved.

Sponge rubber

Multiple densities
With/without adhesive

Cellular rubber

Multiple densities
With/without adhesive

Moos rubber

Multiple densities
With/without adhesive

Silicone rubber

Solid silicone
Cellular silicone
FDA suitable
With/without adhesive

The benefits of cellular and sponge rubber:

  • Suitable for seals, insulation and protection
  • Wide range of types with or without adhesive
  • Limited water absorption and long life
  • Good weather and chemical resistance

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Cellular rubber

Cellular rubber is a versatile foamed rubber material that can be used for many different product types such as gaskets, sealing strips, insulation tapes and more. The material, which is available in many different types and densities, has a wide range of applications, but is particularly suitable for sealing, insulating and shock-absorbing applications.


Excellent properties for, e.g., pipe insulation

As mentioned, the material is excellent for insulation work on various types of technical installations. This specific type of rubber material can be used for both heating and cooling pipes, making it a versatile material when it comes to working with insulation.

Furthermore, this type of rubber is characterised by being both soft and malleable, making it a flexible material to work with, and it is available in many different grades, which will be discussed below.


Many different grades

B6 Industry supplies cellular rubber in many different grades. For example, we have products made from EPDM rubber, which has the quality of being highly resistant to wind and weather. EPDM rubber is also unaffected by the sun's rays and remains resilient at both minus and plus temperatures, making it suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.

We also offer products made with in CR grade. The term covers products made from the synthetic rubber neoprene. We also sell products manufactured in NBR and NR/SBR grades. The first abbreviation refers to the material nitrile rubber, which has good tensile strength and good resistance to oil, among other things. NR/SBR grade is the term for natural rubber, which is characterised by good mechanical and elastic properties.


Sponge and silicone rubber

Sponge rubber is a soft material made from natural rubber or EPDM, which is a synthetic and highly durable material. Silicone rubber is made from either solid silicone or cellular silicone. This material has the advantage of being resistant to chemical influences, as well as being heat-resistant and does not change shape and consistency when heated. Silicone rubber is also available in FDA-approved grades.

The nature of the specific job should always determine which of the two materials you should choose.

If you are unsure which type of rubber is best suited for your jobs, we are here to help.


Sponge rubber

Sponge rubber, which is made of foamed rubber, has many different applications, but is particularly suitable for work areas that involve sealing and insulation work, and the material also has good shock-absorbing properties that make it particularly useful for jobs that fall within this field of work.

The material is available in different variants and with different densities, allowing you to find the right variant for a given work area. We offer the rubber in different grades and in densities up to 450 kg/m3.


EDPM, NR and silicone

As mentioned, our sponge rubber is available in many different grades. For example, we sell variants made of EPDM rubber, which has good resistance to wind and weather conditions, making it a versatile material that can be used for indoor and outdoor jobs. EPDM rubber also has the added benefit of good UV tolerance and remains elastic when exposed to changing temperatures.

We also sell this type of rubber in NR and silicone grades. The former covers the term natural rubber, which is the oldest form of rubber known to man. This type of rubber has high elasticity and abrasion resistance, but has poor ozone resistance.

Silicone rubber - including solid silicone or cellular silicone - is suitable for use at both high and low temperatures, making it more resistant to cold and heat than other types of rubber.

Sponge rubber with adhesive, cellular silicone or black cellular rubber?

Which rubber material you should use for a specific job depends on the nature of the job, of course. At B6, we have materials for many different purposes for use across many different industries, and as mentioned, we sell many different types of rubber materials.

That is why we offer both cellular and sponge rubber with or without adhesive, so you can easily find the right product for your specific job.