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EPS foam

The term EPS refers to the concept of expanded polystyrene, which belongs to the group of hard cellular plastics or thermoplastics. Cellular plastic is a generic term for a group of plastics that can be both hard and soft.

The various products included in this category of foams are characterised by being low weight in relation to the overall strength of the materials.

PUR coated EPS solutions

Create a solid and durable solution for supporting, e.g., stanchion wind turbine blades in EPS coated with PUR.

EPS letters (Large format)

For example, if you need to mount a large company logo on the wall, or at a trade show.

EPS solutions (Thermal insulation)

Think innovatively, and let us cut a thermal solution that can be easily disassembled and assembled.

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B6 Industry mostly works in grades such as:

  • 60 kPa - approx. 15 kg/m3 and relatively soft EPS
  • 250 kPa - approx. 30 kg/m3 and relatively hard EPS

We offer cutting of complex EPS items with our high-tech 3D cutting technology. Our capabilities create unique solutions at good prices and fast delivery.

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Take a look at some of our solutions

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Classic benefits

  • High insulation performance (0.031 - 0.036 W/mK)
  • Suitable as a replacement for mineral wool (thermal insulation)
  • Hardness that allows for complex constructions
  • Lightweight material
  • Does not typically absorb moisture
  • Relatively cheap material
  • Typical applications

We offer materials and solutions for products such as:

  • Packaging
  • Wrapping
  • Wind Power Industry
  • Transport sector
  • Marketing industry

Many great properties

Expanded polystyrene or EPS foam is a versatile material that can be used for a wide range of purposes across many different industries.

As the material consists of 98% air and only 2% polystyrene, it weighs very little and the high air content makes the foam a highly insulating and shock-absorbing material. The material is also airtight, hygienic, moisture repellent, flexible and mouldable.

These many good properties make the material suitable for a wide range of applications, and at B6 Gruppen we offer materials and solutions for products used in the wind turbine industry, the transport sector and for various insulation and packaging purposes.


Environmentally friendly and recyclable

EPS has a relatively low carbon footprint, partly because the production process mainly uses hot water vapour. The excess heat from the water vapour can then be reused in production or used for heating.

EPS is also 100% recyclable. Depending on the condition of the material when it is ready to be recycled, there are a few different options for recycling the material.


EPS for a wide range of applications

EPS foam, known under the trade name Polystyrene, is particularly well known for its temperature-regulating and shock-absorbing properties. The material is therefore extremely useful for transporting everything from food to fragile or sensitive products. Furthermore, the material is used as protection in everything from life jackets to bicycle helmets to car seats - precisely because of its good shock-absorbing qualities.

In addition to its excellence as a material for packaging and impact protection, EPS' many good qualities also provide applications in other areas.


EPS as insulation

Due to its excellent thermal properties, EPS is used in the construction industry as insulation. The material is also noise-reducing, which is of course also a good property in this context.

As previously mentioned, EPS is 98% air, which makes it easy to move and work with, and its light weight reduces heavy lifting in the workplace.


EPS foam for wind turbines

At B6 Industry, we also serve the wind turbine industry with lightweight and unique solutions made of EPS foam. For example, we can help you create solid and durable solutions for supporting wind turbine blades, towers and other wind turbine components. One such solution is made from EPS coated with PUR.


We can customise your EPS items

At B6 Industry, we work with EPS in various strengths and hardnesses from 60 kPa to 400 kPa.

We offer to cut complex EPS items using high-tech 3D cutting technology, providing your company with unique and carefully customised solutions.