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Glue and adhesive

At B6, we offer a range of adhesive solutions. We laminate roll and sheet goods made of foam, rubber, textiles and various types of films, and offer adhesive lamination, whereby materials are made self-adhesive with double-sided tape.

For lamination, we use two different types of lamination systems, including hot-melt and double-sided tape. Both lamination systems are bonding processes that can be performed simultaneously


  • Wide range of double-sided mounting tapes and surface films
  • Eco-friendly glues
  • Instant and permanent bonding of a wide range of polymer materials

The right type of glue

Lamination is the process of layering different materials together. You need to use the right type of glue for the layers of the lamination to stick together. At B6 Gruppen, we work with both cold glue and hot-melt glue, depending on the job in question. Hot-melt adhesive is the most durable adhesive, but not always the most optimal for all solutions.

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Take a look at some of our solutions

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Used for solutions such as:

  • Sandwich constructions for acoustic solutions
  • Self-adhesive gaskets and sealing strips
  • Film-coated surfaces for various applications
  • Assembly jobs