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PUR foam

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The B6 Group stocks a wide range of PUR (polyurethane) foam grades. We work in both Polyether and Polyester foam, and densities from approx. 17 kg/m3 - 60 kg/m3.

A distinction is made between 2 main groups:

  • Stiff polyurethane
  • Flexible polyurethane

The B6 Group works primarily with the flexible qualities.

Pyramid foam

For better sound absorption, PUR foam can be supplied with pyramid tops.

3D cut items in PUR foam

We offer a wide range of 3D foam cutting solutions. The only limitation is your imagination.

Sheet foam

We also supply PUR cut in sheets, in exactly the thickness you need.

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PPI foam

PPI foam, also called filter foam, is suitable for air and water filtration. B6 offers PPI foam with different cell sizes.

Classic B6 foam types:

PPI 10
PPI 15
PPI 20
PPI 80

Polyether foam

Polyether foam is suitable for Acoustic and Comfort purposes, and is often used in conjunction with a laminated film and/or adhesive.

Classic B6 foam types:


Polyester foam

Polyester foam is UV resistant and is most often used as an acoustic foam where you do not want a film applied.

Classic foam types:


Manufactured with large variations

Unlike other plastic materials, PUR foam can be manufactured with wide variations in density and hardness and strength. B6 offers to combine PUR foam with a number of other materials, opening up an incredible range of applications. We can offer PUR in whole sheets, as rolls, or 3D cut on CNC machines, and items can be delivered with or without film and adhesive.

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Typical benefits of PUR (polyurethane)

  • Flexible and easy to shape
  • Good sound absorbing properties
  • Good comfort features
  • High insulation performance (0.034 - 0.036 W/mK)
  • Densities from 15 - 70 kg/m3
  • Lightweight material
  • Properties that enable complex designs.
  • Suitable as a substitute for mineral wool (thermal)

PUR is typically used for solutions such as:

  • Acoustic panels for vehicles and sound studios, etc.
  • Furniture and mattresses
  • Scouring pads and washing sponges
  • Packaging and wrapping
  • Etc.

PUR Foam

At B6 Group, we deal in a wide range of different plastic materials including various foam qualities in PUR, also known as polyurethane. We work with both polyether and polyester foam in densities from about 17 kg/m3 up to 60 kg/m3.


What is PUR Foam?

Polyurethane belongs to a group of cellular plastic materials, whose applications are quite considerable. You will find the material in everything from insulation and mattresses to various furniture and toys.
We are dealing with a material whose various applications span wide, and this is not least because the material can be produced with very large variations in both density and stiffness.


Rigid and Flexible Polyurethane

There are two main groups of polyurethane, rigid and flexible. Rigid Polyurethane is used in the construction industry for sandwich panels and insulation, as well as for insulating district heating pipes and for insulation of refrigerators/freezers.

Flexible polyurethane is produced either in large blocks, which are later cut into various items or molded for example into a mattress, filling for furniture, or car interiors.


Many Applications

Since polyurethane foam is a flexible material that is easy to shape and can be produced in different densities and hardnesses, its applications are many. Besides being an easily moldable material that enables complex constructions, the material also has good sound-absorbing properties and good insulation capacity.
The material can be used as acoustic boards for vehicles and sound studios, as filling in furniture and mattresses, as scouring or washing sponges, or as packaging and wrapping for various products.


We deal in many different polyurethane foam products

At B6 Group, we deal in a lot of different PUR products. We also offer to combine PUR with a range of other materials, thereby opening up even more application possibilities.

As previously mentioned, we work with both polyether and polyester foam. The two materials are quite similar and therefore also share several properties. They are both suitable for acoustics, but polyether and polyester also have some differences in material properties.

Polyurethane is known as a very durable material, but where polyester shines with a high tolerance for wear in the form of rubbing, polyether's strength lies in high resistance to impact. Moreover, polyether has good application possibilities in humid and wet environments, while polyester is more resistant to oil-based environments. Additionally, polyester foam is UV-resistant.

Polyether foam is also often used with laminated foil and/or adhesive, while polyester foam is used as acoustic foam, where no foil is desired.


PUR Foam for Insulation

Another of polyurethane's good properties is its ability to insulate, and therefore the material is naturally also known in the construction industry as one of the most effective insulation materials on the market today.

Being a lightweight material, it is both easy to handle and install, and its thermal conductivity means that only a thin layer of PUR is required to achieve the same insulation efficiency as many other insulation materials.

PUR's excellent energy efficiency level can thus contribute to improving buildings' energy efficiency with environmental and economic benefits.


PUR Foam Boards

As mentioned, we deal in PUR foam in many different forms, including 3D-cut items, boards, and pyramid foam for better sound absorption. We can thus supply PUR in whole boards in the exact thickness you need, as rolls, or as cut-out items. We offer a wide range of different solutions with 3D cutting in foam, and it's almost only the imagination that sets the limits for shape and function. All items can also be supplied with or without foil and adhesive.