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Solid rubber

We can supply rubber sheets, rolls and items cut to size for a wide range of sealing, insulation and protection applications.

Solid rubber is offered in a variety of rubber types and grades, including EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, Urethane, Silicone and Natural. Each type of rubber has some specific technical specifications that are worth taking into account when it comes to choosing the material for your solution.

Solid rubber

Para rubber
Shore 50 - 70 A

Rubber with patterns

Stud rubber

PUR sheets

Shore 70 - 90 A
High abrasion resistance
Weather resistant
Thickness from 1 mm

Good properties and possibilities with solid rubber

  • Wide range of rubber types and hardnesses
  • Can be used for shock absorption, vibration damping and sealing
  • Robust and durable material
  • Flexible material with good weather, temperature and chemical resistance
  • Many different machining and manufacturing options

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You are always welcome to contact us and have a good chat before you choose your solution and material. We can offer a standard range or produce a customised one that solves the exact job your company is facing.

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