Foam and rubber solutions for the acoustics industry

We offer a wide range of acoustic solutions. Whether you need solutions for sound damping, vibration damping, insulation or better acoustics, as our customer you can expect to receive advice based on our many years of experience in noise reduction.

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Areas of application

We offer many acoustic solutions, including:

  • Sound absorption
  • Soundproofing
  • Vibration damping
  • Wall and ceiling acoustics
  • Sound baffles

The right choice of material

We offer a wide range of materials within the different acoustic solutions for noise reduction. We are happy for you to speak with one of our technical specialists, who can assist with technical support and advice.

You are of course very welcome to contact us to learn more about your many options.

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Good materials for acoustics

Sound baffles
Effective sound reduction in production environments - an optimal solution for existing and new food production facilities with high noise levels and poor acoustics.

Damping mats
Effectively removes unwanted vibrations in steel plate constructions. The sound experience is improved by damping materials that absorb vibrations (absorb vibration energy), leaving a steel plate that no longer makes noise.

Product development

Through our experience, we easily handle the traditional solutions, but can also offer a more advanced solution or challenge in the acoustics industry. When we collaborate on product development, we can start from any angle. Together with the customer, we work out the most optimal solution.

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Take a look at some of our solutions

We would love to inspire you, so please take a look at some of our latest products by clicking on the gallery images.

Solutions in materials such as: 

  • PUR polyurethane - Good sound absorbing properties
  • Comprex foam - Sound insulating properties
  • Vibra pur - Removes vibrations and structure-borne sound
  • Acoustic ceilings and walls
  • Sound films in bitumen rubber