Foam and rubber solutions for the marine industry

We have over 40 years of experience in materials and solutions for the maritime world. As a customer of ours, we offer you the industry's best soundproofing and thermal insulation products, as well as a wide range of technical advice based on our years of experience with leading manufacturers in the industry.

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Areas of application

We offer materials and solutions for the following areas

  • Soundproofing engine rooms
  • Vibration damping for engine rooms
  • Foam products for pads and cushions
  • Rubber gaskets and rubber profiles
  • Sealing strips with adhesive
  • Butyl

The right choice of material

It can be challenging to determine exactly which materials are suitable for the specific challenges you want to address. 

Therefore, we are pleased to offer an open discussion with one of our technical specialists who can provide support and constructive guidance. 

This ensures that you find the perfect solutions for acoustics, sealing, and insulation in the marine industry and other challenges where you need assistance.

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Good materials for the marine industry


Sound insulation certified by DNV for use in the shipbuilding industry. IsoFlock FR is made of Comprex material with a density of 100 kg/m³ and is equipped with a layer of aluminum foil, available with or without an adhesive surface. The material is 30 mm thick.

B6 Isoboat

DNV-certified sound insulation and absorption for maritime use. B6 IsoBoat is constructed as a sandwich structure, consisting of Polyether foam with a density of 30 kg/m³, a sound-absorbing barrier, and a layer of aluminum foil, which can also be selected with or without adhesive properties. The product has a thickness of 33 mm.

B6 Isoflock FR

DNV approved soundproofing for Marine use.

B6 IsoFlock FR consists of Comprex 100 kg/m³ and aluminium foil - with/without adhesive. Thickness 30 mm.

B6 Isoboat

DNV approved soundproofing/absorption for marine use.

B6 IsoBoat consists of a sandwich construction with Polyether foam 30 kg/m³, a sound barrier, and aluminium foil - with/without adhesive. Thickness 33 mm.

Whisper FR

DNV approved sound absorption for Marine use. Whisper is a PE foam 25 kg/m³, and thicknesses from 20-100 mm.

Product development

Our product development department is always available to find the most optimal solutions, tailored to each individual job. Over the years, we have developed complex solutions for the marine industry, ensuring the best conditions for our customers. Our product development department ensures that the right solution is delivered, through innovative processes, effective advice and rapid prototyping.

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Take a look at some of our solutions

We would love to inspire you, so please take a look at some of our latest products in this gallery.

Acoustic Production for Marine Applications

People working below deck and near the ship's engine room may face communication and comfort challenges due to noise.

B6 can assist you with effective acoustic solutions that reduce noise from the engine room on ships of all sizes. With the right foam and rubber solutions specifically designed for the maritime industry, we ensure that both crew and passengers on board are not disturbed by noise from the engine room.


Much More than Just Good Acoustics for the Marine Industry

Once the acoustic requirements are met, we are also ready to help you with other clever solutions for the marine industry, such as enhancing comfort. Our offerings go beyond foam for sound insulation.

We also provide solutions for cushions and padding throughout the ship, taking into consideration factors like the ability of the foam to withstand outdoor conditions and more.