Foam and rubber solutions for your industry

At B6 Industry, we want to help you, no matter what industry you are in. We are always ready to listen to the challenge you face in your industry. We develop and produce unique solutions for various industries such as wind turbine, construction and marine.

Whatever business and industry our customers need solutions for, we have a wide range of options, and we are always ready to advise.

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Areas of aplication and materials

+50 years of experience

  • Sealing solutions, gaskets and profiles
  • Acoustics (sound absorption, soundproofing, vibration damping, etc.)
  • Packaging and protection during transport
  • Cold and heat insulation
  • Polymeric materials and manufacturing technologies
  • Own R&D department and testing facilities

Solution and choice of materials

If you need a customised solution for your business, we are happy for you to speak with one of our technical specialists, who can provide support and constructive advice.

At B6 Industri we have a wide range of solutions and materials - be inspired by the countless possibilities you can find here on our website.

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Product development phases

Through product development, we know how to turn our customers' complex and technologically challenging requirements into useful and value-adding products and solutions.

We do this by going through a series of phases, from problem identification, idea generation, prototype development to the finished product. We always comply with the agreed quality customer requirements, as well as any legal and regulatory requirements.

Product development

B6 Industry focuses on developing new solutions for our customers in close collaboration with existing and new customers and suppliers. We are always ready to start a collaboration on product development - from the "seed idea" to the finished product, and we can start from any angle.

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We would love to inspire you, so please take a look at some of our latest products in this gallery.