IsoFlock is made of the environmentally friendly Comprex foam (regenerated). Comprex foam is manufactured as a regenerated polyether material (also called bonded foam). The material has good soundproofing properties, as well as sound absorbing properties. Comprex foam is manufactured under high pressure, and through this special process, foam materials with high densities from 80 - 230 kg/m3 can be created.

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Good properties:

  • Soundproofing
  • Sound absorbing
  • DNV approved application for Marine use, see ISO 9094-1, ISO 9004-2.
  • You can choose whether you want whole sheets or B6 cut to your measurements.

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Areas of application

The material is primarily used as an acoustic cladding in maritime engine rooms, compressors, generators, fans, turbines, pumps or similar.

In engine rooms on ships, IsoBoat is typically installed directly on steel surfaces, between bulkhead sections and bearers, with the aim of reducing and encapsulating engine noise, as well as reducing the possibility of noise propagation.

If the product is to be installed in particularly humid environments, we can offer to apply a special edge seal or to add an aluminium foil edge.

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As an alternative to IsoFlok, we can offer the highly efficient IsoBoat, which is a sandwich construction consisting of B028 mm.