Poron materials for required sealing jobs

PORON is a microcellular urethane foam with an extremely low compression set. PORON materials are high density flexible cellular products and were designed to have excellent permanent deformation resistance.

Poron PUR foam is used for sealing solutions such as gaskets or as shock absorption. Whether it's gasket design, sealing, shock absorption or vibration control, the PORON range of products provides durable, long-term performance with low degassing. Thanks to the uniform surface and the good thickness tolerance, the material is suitable for various solutions in the industrial sector. A wide range of PORON materials is available to meet versatile design requirements. All products are available with mounting adhesive.

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  • Excellent resistance to permanent deformation, enabling durable, long-term performance for gaskets and seals
  • High flexibility and energy absorption - shock absorbing
  • Low degassing, no plasticisers or chemicals to contaminate the unit
  • Ozone and UV resistant and good chemical resistance
  • Temperature resistance - 40°C to +90°C, depending on type
  • Easy to machine - die-cutting, roll-cutting, waterjet cutting, adhesive application, etc.
  • Wide range of thicknesses - 0.43 mm to 12.7 mm
  • Available in different densities and hardnesses