Vibra Pur


Vibra Pur is particularly suitable for reducing vibrations and damping structure-borne sound in situations where high demands are placed on vibration damping. Vibra Pur can be used in the vast majority of environments and applications where a compressible support is highly required, whether for buildings, structures or machinery.

Options include surface, linear or point support for buildings, machinery or railway lines. Its long-term stability and simple construction make Vibra Pur an economical soundproofing and vibration insulation solution.

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  • Oil & grease resistant
  • Wind & weather resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Temperature resistant from -30 to 70 degrees

We offer to cut out Vibra Pur items or deliver in whole sheets. Our capabilities create unique solutions at good prices and fast delivery. Vibra Pur has good proven properties, and works at both high and low frequencies - while retaining its elasticity excellently. Vibra Pur is available in 13 different variants, and can take loads from 0.010 - 1.9 N/mm² (MPa).


Reduce vibrations in various steel structures


Reduce vibrations through floor structures.


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Vibrations are often created in machinery or other technical equipment, and can result in noise or discomfort, both of which can significantly affect the affected environment in terms of structural damage or health consequences.

Vibration prevention and the resulting reduction of noise and discomfort play a vital role in construction and machinery.

Protection against vibrations is achieved by using high-quality vibration isolation pads from the Vibra Pur range.

Anti-Vibration sheets or gaskets in Vibra Pur form the interface between a dynamic stimulating system and a surface to be protected. As a supporting element, Vibra Pur reduces noise and vibrations very effectively.

Areas of application

Vibra Pur is used in many different situations. The primary functions are typically vibration damping associated with:

  • Motor carrier (between the motor and anchorage)
  • Machine feet (between the machine and concrete)
  • Elastic middle layer
  • Soundproofing in floors and ceilings, etc.

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Vibra Pur is, without doubt, the most suitable material to use if you want to eliminate vibrations and structure-borne sound. However, alternatives may be used in situations where less demanding tasks are involved. Alternative materials could be, for example, cellular rubber, solid PUR, Polyethylene (PE).

You are always welcome to contact us and have a good chat before you choose your material.