Environmental & Quality Policy

Environmental Policy | ISO 14001:2015

The B6 Group will commit to comply with relevant environmental legislation. We will continuously work to keep ourselves informed of changes in legislation so that we can be at the forefront of future requirements.

The B6 Group will implement a behaviour and attitude in all our activities that is environmentally optimal, taking into account the competitiveness of the company.

The B6 Group will commit to continuously improve its environmental efforts, prevent pollution, and optimise/reduce our resource consumption and the amount of waste from our various productions.


The B6 Group will ensure that our customers receive products and services that meet agreed requirements and expectations. The company wants to implement behaviour that ensures the customer has a positive experience of their delivery.

The B6 Group wants to ensure that we put the customer first, so that the customer helps to define what constitutes a satisfactory level of quality.

The B6 Group wants to ensure that we involve our employees in a continuous process, with the aim of improving our products to an ever higher level of quality. We will ensure that our employees' understanding of quality is continuously strengthened through a continuous dialogue on quality.

The B6 Group will ensure that the company is committed to meeting agreed customer quality requirements, as well as any legal and regulatory requirements.


The foam qualities we use at the B6 Group are all manufactured without the use of ozone-depleting substances.