Contour cutting

Contour cutting is a method in which a 3D cutter cuts through the given material exactly. This is done by means of an oscillating blade that cuts very precisely. The method is particularly useful for soft materials where it may be difficult to make a completely accurate cut. Contour cutting is often used in soft materials such as PUR and PE foam, where the cut has a razor-sharp finish.

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The benefits of contour cutting

Can cut different geometries from a 3D drawing
Can handle block sizes up to 2,500 x 1,400 x 600 mm
Fast cutting up to 3,000 mm/min with an accurate cut
Alternative to filament cutting for soft polymer materials
Low start-up costs, as the method does not require custom-made tools

You have unlimited possibilities with contour cutting

Contour cutting is used to cut different geometries from a 3D drawing. Therefore, the method can shape a product into any shape, while leaving a razor-sharp result. Contour cutting can handle block sizes up to 2,500x1,400x600 mm. The cutting speed is up to 3,000 mm/min with a completely accurate cut. The method is an alternative to filament cutting, where it is particularly suitable for soft polymer materials. The method is favourable for our customers as it has low start-up costs because it does not require custom-made tools.

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