Custom assembly, mounting and packing

Many products for industrial use often consist of several parts. Therefore, the products usually need to be assembled and packaged to meet the customer's desired characteristics and needs. These many steps are what B6 specialises in. We know all the steps to the finished product. Our expertise is, for example, in the installation of foam in case inserts or packaging solutions that need to be attached to the cardboard boxes that the customer uses in its packaging department.

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We ensure proper handling of your items
We save the customer time on internal handling
We have various tools at our disposal to handle different tasks

A range tailored to you

B6 are specialists in foam, rubber and plastics. Therefore, we can ensure that we handle your products in the most optimal and correct way. In this way, we ensure that you save time on resources, which you can instead use to focus on the core competences of your company. Over the years, we have collected many different tools as our needs arose. With this in mind, we can now assure you that we have the tools to help manage your task in an efficient, cost-effective and quality assured manner.

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