Filament cutting

Filament cutting is a method where a 3D cutter burns through a given material using a heated filament. We use the method for jobs where the dead straight and clean cut on complex 3D parts is of crucial importance. The filament cutting method can be used on many materials, but is particularly advantageous on polystyrene (EPS) and PUR foam.

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The benefits of filament cutting

Ideal for 3D cutting of demanding contours
Used for materials of varying sizes
Fast cutting
Alternative to EPS moulding
Flexible production method
Low start-up costs

Cutting method for demanding contours

Filament cutting is ideal for 3D cutting demanding contours. These are cellular materials such as EPS, PUR and PIR. It's a fast method that cuts up to 700 mm/min, while the cut in the final product is both clean and precise. Cutting is most often done in standard item sizes up to 2,460x1,520x2,460 mm. However, it is possible to order cutting of larger items upon request to B6. Filament cutting is offered as an alternative to EPS moulding. It is a flexible production method for both sample production and mass production, while requiring low start-up costs as custom-made tools are not needed.

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