Flatbed Cutting

We have Flatbed Cutting, a multifunctional digital cutting system that enables high-speed cutting, half-cutting, milling and printing with sharp precision. It is suitable for both sample production and mass production of gaskets, packaging, displays, acoustic inserts and other customised polymer solutions for the industrial sector. Through simulation, we can optimise design, cutting times and material consumption.

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The benefits of flatbed cutting

Can cut a very wide range of materials
All sizes of items up to 3,000x2,000x110 mm
Fast cutting
Cost-effective and flexible production method
Low start-up costs
Possible alternative to PE and EPS moulding

Precise cutting method for many materials

Flatbed Cutting makes it possible to cut many materials, both with and without adhesive. These include foam, rubber, plastic, EPS, felt, sound films, acrylic and wood. The size range is also very broad - Flatbed Cutting can cut items as large as 3,000x2,000x110 mm. The method is incredibly efficient in terms of both speed and precision - cutting can reach up to 1,000 mm/s. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective and flexible production method that can be used for everything from sample production to mass production. Also, there are low start-up costs for production, as Flatbed Cutting does not require custom-made tools.

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