Horizontal and vertical slitting

Slitting is a quick method to resort to when you have both large and small materials to cut. The method is accurate and gentle on the material. Slitting delivers a razor-sharp result that can be tailored to the customer's needs. Vertical cutting is primarily suitable for simple geometries, so it does not require special tools or cutting programs. We also have carousel slitting, which is a cost-effective and flexible solution.

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The benefits of horizontal and vertical slitting

Enables customised thicknesses of sheet and rolled goods from blocks (min. thickness 1.5 mm.)
Can handle all blocks (max. 3,000x1,600x1,200 mm.)
High cutting speed of 2-10 m/min.
We can cut 8 blocks at once with carousel slitting

Specialists in slitting

B6 Industry has specialised in horizontal and vertical slitting for many years. It is an accurate way to cut materials such as foam and rubber. Such materials are mainly processed by cutting with band blades. The primary purpose of horizontal cutting is to produce specific sheets and rolls from blocks with a horizontally running blade. With vertical cutting, the vertically moving blade allows you to handle smaller-sized items to a greater extent. Therefore, we have the possibility to do exactly the cutting that is optimal for your product, regardless of size.

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