Lamination & adhesive application

We have many years of valuable experience in laminating and adhesive coating. This means that we always carry out our customers' tasks in a satisfactory manner and ensure that we deliver a high-quality product within the agreed timeframe. We laminate rolls and sheets of foam, rubber, textiles and various types of film (up to 1,800 mm wide). Our production methods are characterised by cost efficiency and flexibility.

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Why choose the lamination method

We have two types of laminating systems: hot-melt and double sided tape. Both ensure efficient and long-lasting lamination
Both lamination systems are bonding processes that can be performed simultaneously
We have one of the fastest lamination speeds on the market

Experts in gluing and laminating

Lamination is a method of layering different materials together. With this method, a certain thermal and/or acoustic insulation can be achieved.

You need to use the right type of glue for the layers of the lamination to stick together. Here B6 Nordic works with adhesive application in both cold adhesive and hot-melt adhesive, depending on the task in question. Adhesive coating means making various materials self-adhesive by applying a double-sided adhesive tape.

Hot-melt adhesives provide the most durable bonding. However, they are not always the most optimal solution for all types of jobs. That is why you always get our experienced experts' advice when we plan the process for your particular assignment together.

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