Plastic film welding

At B6, we offer to manufacture solutions where plastic welding or film welding is the part of the value chain. This welding technology is typically impulse welding, which works by rapidly heating plastic films with a hot wire, then compressing the plastic film in a cooling period. This sealing process leaves the film incredibly strong and stylish.

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The benefits of plastic film welding

We offer film welding in many widths
We offer welding in numerous materials
We offer welding in heat-resistant Teflon plastic films
We have experience in plastic film welding for many different applications and industries

Strengthen your plastic films

B6 offers film welding in widths from 5 cm to 1,200 cm. Furthermore, we can weld a wide range of materials such as PVC film, PE film, PES film, PU film and many more, as well as heat-resistant Teflon plastic films. B6 has years of experience in plastic film welding. For example, we manufacture and supply acoustic control and water-resistant hygiene light baffles for large parts of the food sector.

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