When punching, we can cut one or more items at the same time. A specially shaped knife is produced for the process, which is continuously pressed down through the given material. The material is "cut" in a razor-sharp line, which ensures that the end product is always uniform and accurately shaped. We offer cutting in virtually all polymer materials. These include foam, rubber, felt, textile and sound films - with and without adhesive. Moreover, we can handle items such as packaging, gaskets and acoustic panels.

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The benefits of punching

We can punch item formats in many sizes and thicknesses (2-40 mm thickness)
The process is cost-effective for larger batches
We offer punching of sheets up to 2,000 x 1,100 mm.
Punching can be a more efficient alternative to waterjet cutting for large batches

Uniform and accurate method

We have long experience in the punching method. Over the years, we have found that it's a highly efficient manufacturing method that leaves items perfectly uniform with every punch. The punching process requires that a so-called punching tool is initially produced and developed for the given task. We have repeatedly experienced a high demand for such tools among our many customers, which is why we are routined in producing the right tool for the job.

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