PUR Coating

We offer a surface coating with polyurethane (PUR). This surface coating is equivalent to applying 2-5 mm of wear-resistant "skin" to the surface of the respective material. The process takes place via spray technology, where two polymer components are mixed together under pressure and sprayed directly onto the materials.

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The benefits of PUR coating

We can apply it on all polymer materials, wood and metal
Our coating leaves an extremely durable surface
We offer application on small and large items
The surface hardens quickly

Strengthen your materials with PUR Coating

Our surface coating can be applied to all polymer materials. These include polyurethane (PUR), polyethylene (PE) and polystyrene (EPS). Furthermore, it is also extremely suitable for steel and wood. PUR Coating cures after just a few minutes, leaving an extremely durable, waterproof and weatherproof surface. Therefore, the surface can also be used outdoors, as well as in other harsh environments. B6 has extensive experience in the application of PUR Coating. Our experience spans all sizes of items, for example, from 100x100 mm to 5,000x2,000x1,000 mm.

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