Waterjet cutting

At B6, we perform many tasks using Waterjet. This method makes it possible to cut virtually any material using a water jet with a pressure of up to 3,600 bar. This method provides precise and efficient cutting with 100% repeatability, saving both time and resources. We can cut varying sizes, thickness and complex geometries.

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The benefits of waterjet cutting

We can cut all polymer materials
Fast cutting up to 20,000 mm/min.
Cuts at pressures up to 3,600 bar
Cost-effective and flexible production method
Affordable alternative to punching
Through simulation we can optimise design, cutting times and material consumption

Waterjet cutting is cost-effective

We can perform CNC waterjet cutting in many different materials such as foam, rubber, plastic, EPS, felt, textiles, sound films, etc. The method can be carried out in several layers at once with up to five nozzles at a time, enabling a cost-effective and flexible production method to the great benefit of the customer - whether for large or small batches and prototypes. The cutting is carried out in gaskets, packaging, acoustic panels, etc. The high cutting pressure ensures both efficient and precise cutting. Waterjet cutting is a more affordable alternative to punching, for example, as the method does not require custom-made start-up tools to perform the process. As a result, customers can expect much lower start-up costs.

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