We believe that greener futures and growth will come from our ability to respond perfectly to more complex societal needs. This includes finding innovative solutions to the major challenges facing our society and customers, such as climate change, green transition and the conservation of natural resources.
In close collaboration with the customer, we continuously develop new and optimise existing products, processes and solutions at B6.

Together with the customer, our skilled engineers and experienced professionals create the unique polymer solution for the application at hand, and we find the most rational production method in relation to the customer's expectations for quality, delivery time and price.

Through close collaboration and a constant focus on innovation, we create added value for our customers from various industries, where attention to professional expertise, flexibility, quality and delivery reliability contribute to success.

Based on decades of experience, we work creatively and innovatively within the possibilities offered by technology, with sustainability as the "green thread" in the choices we make. We master many different manufacturing skills and technologies.

Below are examples of services we offer our customers in connection with product development:

  • Research of new products, including definition of technical specifications, choice of production methods and identification of production costs
  • Product development from conceptual design and consultancy to construction, prototype testing and batch production
  • Optimisation of existing solutions, including re-design and change and optimisation of materials
  • Performance of functional tests, trial assembly, analysis of products and preparation of documentation

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