Comprex RE80-RE230

Bonded foam

B6 Comprex foam is an effective sound absorber made from a regenerated polyether material called bonded foam. The material is known for its good sound-insulating and sound-absorbing qualities and its high densities from 80 - 230 kg/m3.


Many good properties

The regenerated polyether material bonded foam is used for several different purposes in a wide range of industries.

This type of material is commonly used in the furniture industry for upholstering everything from furniture to mattresses due to the material's high density, which offers good support due to its dense and firm structure.

But it's not just the furniture industry that benefits from the material's many good properties. The regenerated polyether material also has good insulating and sound-absorbing qualities and is used as acoustic cladding in cabs, compressors, generators, fans, turbines, pumps or in similar applications where a noise-reducing effect is desired.


Regenerated polyether material

As mentioned, bonded foam is a regenerated polyether material. This means that the material is made by recycling foam material that has previously been used for other purposes. The used foam goes through a process where it is first cleaned and sanitized and then follows a method called a mass bonding process.

This process involves adding small pieces of granulated recycled foam together using a binder, resulting in a firmer foam material with a compressed structure that offers a high density compared to many other foam materials.

As the material is made by recycling foam, slight variations in color and texture may occur, which does not affect the quality of the material.


Sustainable and environmentally friendly

The above-mentioned manufacturing method makes bonded foam a sustainable material as no new materials are used in the manufacturing process. The high density of the regenerated polyether material and, as a result, its ability to "hold its shape" increases its lifetime in relation to pressure and wear. The material's solid and stable structure also gives it an environmentally friendly and sustainable aspect, as it does not necessarily need to be replaced as often as other foam materials in contexts involving pressure and impact.


Why choose B6 Comprex?

Our regenerated polyether material B6 Comprex offers you several great properties. As mentioned, we are dealing with sustainable material that offers obvious benefits from an environmental perspective.

In addition, B6 Comprex is available in a wide range of densities - from the lowest at 80 kg/m3 to the highest at 230 kg/m3, allowing you to find B6 Comprex in exactly the density that suits your purpose. We also give you the option to choose which surface you want the foam glued to, and you are also free to choose whether you want it delivered with adhesive. You can also choose between different types of adhesive.

If you need to use our bonded foam in particularly humid environments, we also offer to apply a special edge sealant to the material.


Alternatives to B6 Comprex

Our B6 Comprex is a good and classic sound absorbing material that has several good applications. B6 Comprex with the lowest density (RE80) offers the best sound absorption, but if you need a material that absorbs sound even better, we recommend Flexfoam B028, which is a highly sound-absorbing and flexible material made from polyether foam.

If you want a Comprex material that has both good sound-absorbing and fire-retardant properties, you should take a closer look at RE100X, which is made of Isoflock.


Buy bonded foam at B6-industri

If you need bonded foam as a sound absorber for your next project, we offer our B6 Comprex. If you have any questions or need advice and guidance, you are very welcome to contact us.

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RE80 - 230
80-230 kg/m3
Fire class
Sound absorption
Vibration damping
Suitable with adhesive
Suitable with film
UV resistant
Water resistant
Material type
Regenerated, Polyether
5-100 mm


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