Industry sound baffles

Sound absorbers for production

At B6-industri, we sell sound absorbers that can be used in a variety of production environments. Our industrial sound baffles offer effective sound attenuation and are an optimal solution for both new and existing production and factory facilities where high noise levels and poor acoustics can have a detrimental effect on the working environment.


The importance of industrial soundproofing

When working in manufacturing companies, industrial soundproofing can play a very important role in creating or maintaining a healthy and thriving work environment. A non-noisy work environment is beneficial for both employees and the company's well-being on several parameters.

Excessive noise levels in the workplace can be a direct cause of hearing damage and concentration problems for employees, and it can also be a trigger for stress that can have major consequences for both the employee and the company. By installing good and effective sound absorbers in production, you can ensure the well-being of your employees and create a foundation for a dynamic and productive work environment without distracting and unnecessary noise.


Regulation of noise nuisance

In Denmark, companies are obliged to regulate the noise nuisance caused by production or other work processes where noise levels are high. The Environmental Protection Act and a number of different executive orders set out limit values for noise in the workplace.

The limit values depend, among other things, on the intensity and duration of the noise and must not exceed 85 dB on average on a normal working day or 137 dB in the case of peak noise.

It is the responsibility of the company in question to enforce the applicable regulations and an effective way to combat noise nuisance is to implement industrial soundproofing in the company's production facilities.


Industrial sound baffles

At B6-industri you will find several different sound absorbers that are designed to effectively reduce the noise level in production, thus meeting the above-mentioned limit values and ensuring a comfortable working environment for employees.

Our industrial sound baffles are designed for simple and flexible installation in the ceiling and are made with a strong and highly durable surface material that helps extend the lifetime of the product. These baffles are made with internal welds and have a triangular top design that prevents dust build-up.

The baffles are also easy to clean using either air or a damp cloth. However, please note that this type of sound baffle cannot be cleaned with running water. Furthermore, this type of sound absorber has a low calorific value (4.79 MJ per baffle) and is available in black and white and two shades of grey.

You should be aware that industrial baffles are specifically designed for production environments where there are no strict cleaning and hygiene requirements.


Alternative sound absorbers

If you need effective sound absorbers suitable for companies involved in food production, we recommend our hygienic sound baffles, which are fully tested and certified according to this area's specific hygiene regulations. Unlike industrial sound baffles, these sound baffles withstand much more thorough cleaning and therefore help to maintain a high level of food safety.

Another effective solution may prove to be our acoustic flat panels that can be mounted directly to the ceiling or walls - either by screwing or gluing them in place. 


The right solution at B6-industri

At B6-industri, we are experts in acoustic solutions that create a healthy and thriving work environment that benefits both employee well-being and company productivity. If you are experiencing noise nuisance in your company's production and are looking for effective sound absorbers to reduce noise levels in your company, we can help.

We always go out of our way to provide advice and guidance to find the right soundproofing solution that meets our customers' specific requirements and wishes.

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Industry sound baffles
Fire class
EN13501-1 | Core = class A, Baffle = class E
Sound absorption
Vibration damping
Material type
Sound absorbing core, medium waterproof
Product dimensions
1200 x 600 x 40 mm

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