Vision, mission and values


The B6 Group will offer products that make a difference and create renewed comfort - both now and in the future.

The B6 Group will be a supplier of custom products and solutions that honour our customers' expectations in terms of service, quality, delivery and price.

We do this by being a service-minded and competitive company with an entrepreneurial culture, a forward-looking approach to problem solving, a focus on the company's overall level of competence and a strong set of values.
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The mission is carried out by all employees focusing on our customers' needs through targeted knowledge sharing between colleagues and continuous development of the company's internal competences.

"The B6 Group, with its own production or in-sourced products and its own competences, will be a profitable company with a significant market share in our business areas.

We want to be a company that knows how to turn our customers' complex and technologically challenging requirements, in today's modern markets, into useful and value-adding products and solutions.

Core values

1. Innovation
- We constantly develop new solutions and improve existing ones
- We systematically develop our skills and are adaptable
- We use our experience and technical know-how to create positive and sustainable development
2. Collaboration
- We respect each other and share knowledge across professional boundaries
- We help each other, show trust and thrive in a strong community
- We listen to each other and give/receive constructive feedback
3. Profitability
- We run a healthy and profitable business
- We create long-term value for ourselves and our customers
- We are efficient and aim to solve tasks quickly and simply
4. Focus
- We focus on our core competences and goals
- We keep agreements, are action-oriented and get things done (execution)
- We seek new opportunities and make the right choices and deselections